Donate and Save! Find Out How Giving Back to the Community Can Save You Money when Buying Or Selling a Home

Buying and selling homes is all about community, neighbors and raising your family. People generally want to help but don't always think they alone can make enough of a difference.

Charitable giving is important to me and if I can encourage people to do the same then I will give them the "family" discount.

If you show me a $100 tax receipt from a Canadian Charity made in 2015 or 2016 I will match that donation to the Charity when I sell your house and deduct $1,000 off of your Listing Commission.

The charity wins with $200 in donations and the home seller wins because they make a difference to a charity and save on their listing commission. If you donate $150 I will match that and deduct $1,500 of the Listing Commission.

If you or someone you know is buying a home we have a similar program. If someone is buying and selling a property and uses me for both of those activities then I can double your donation to the charity (up to $500) and give you the "buy and sell family" discount of $3,000. If someone buys and sells with us and donates $250 to their favourite charity I will donate $500 to that charity and you will save $3,000 off the listing commission. This program is available to anyone buying or selling in Toronto, York Region, and as far out as Oshawa to the East and Mississauga and Brampton to the West.